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When Mr. Yamaguchi was in the United States he realized many cultural differences between Americans and Japanese. For example, when the Japanese prime minister visits the United States the Japanese newspapers abound with articles about the visit and the television media thoroughly covers the event. HeMr. Yamaguchi expected the same media coverage of such events in Washington, D.C., However, in a city where national leaders from more than a hundred countries around the world visit every day, such an event is quite mundane. A visit from a foreign minister is not headline news. Furthermore, other issues that at the time were considered understood and accepted by Americans were actually not even recognized at all by the American people. He Mr. Yamaguchi was shocked to see the extreme differences in people, culture and world understanding.

Because of this early recognition of the need for greater global understanding, Now Mr. Yamaguchi now insists that his staff experience first hand other cultures and people. He firmly believes that his staff should also experience such a culture shock in order to understand different cultures and to foster understanding and a greater appreciation of people around the world. a patriotic spirit,Mr. Yamaguchi believes that having this experience which will help them his staff to develop themselves as people to be persons who can show fortitudeprofessionally and responsibly serve their clients as Japanese representatives in the global society.