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China, Taiwan

China, Taiwan

Representatives from USA, South Korea & Japan lectured at "Three-Country Joint Patent Seminar" held in Taiwan

We are pleased to report that "Three-Country Joint Patent Seminar" was held at the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology in Taiwan in July, 2005. This seminar was planned and proposed by Yamaguchi & Associates in Japan and hosted by Hwa Lain Patent Office in Taiwan.

(1) Outset
Yamaguchi & Associates has global business partnerships with many patent firms that operate in more than 30 countries. This time we proposed a plan to a partner in Taiwan - Hwa Lain Patent Officea patent firm that serves large organizations such as the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology. We proposed bringing together patent attorneys from Japan, Korea and the United States to discuss each countries laws, proposed changes and history. After such discussions, (patent attorney) kindly exerted himself to arrange for the seminar, and as a result, many people attended from not only the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, but also many other companies, individual inventors, and law firms.

(2) Lecturers
Yamaguchi & Associates undertook the planning process and invitation of lecturers from other countries, whose names are as shown below:

USA  :  Tracy Heims, American attorney-at-law and registered US Patent attorney
Louis Heims, American attorney-at-law
Korea  :  Haw, Korean patent attorney
Jake Sin, American attorney-at-law
Japan  :  Sakuo Yamaguchi, Japanese patent attorney
Kenichi Shibata, American attorney-at-law

(3) Seminar Agenda
The purpose of this seminar was to invite attorneys and patent attorneys from the U.S., Korea and Japan and to have them explain the characteristics of the patent systems of each country, so that participants could learn about such characteristics and to compare the differences among the patent systems of these three countries. The seminar provided lectures as well as open question and answer sessions where the attendees could ask questions directly to the speakers.

The seminar was held in two cities, Tainan and Taichug, both gathering many participants who all listened to the lectures with intensity until the very end, though all the lectures were given in or translated to English.